Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard!

Personalized, adaptive, after-school tutoring platform for students


MyeTutor.org is a math eLearning platform developed upon cutting edge intelligent knowledge engines matched with selected highly competent tutors. These two elements when combined offer a unique and effective real-time adaptive and personalized learning environment for any student.

Our goal is to provide a learning experience built around a student; school curriculum, distinctive learning profile, math competence (weakness and strengths), and matched with a tutor that best fits their learning style to create a highly engaging environment.

Understanding how each student learns allows for knowledge to be delivered in the most personalized way while real-time adaptive content, throughout the duration of a class and between lessons (revision time), allows for continuous optimization of content thus ensuring the most efficient route to knowledge acquisition. MyeTutor.org student-centered learning environment, it accounts for different learning mode & pace, attention spans, intellectual abilities, psychological profiles, educational backgrounds, memory, content, and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement so every student can learn in the right way, a truly personal way.


Does personalization mean for you?

  • For the first time the class is all about you – the individual student –.
  • The “how” you are taught affects the way you learn.
  • Directly linked to your school curriculum taught in your class.
  • Helping you learn better, faster, and succeed in your schooling.
  • You can take a class from any-place-time-device.
  • Choose and rank your tutors as well as have your personal page.

Fuelling the Culture Shift in Education.

  • “The Chief learner” – focusing on your child’s learning needs
  • Moving away from inefficient mass impersonal teaching.
  • Providing you with the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Enabling you to view progress reports with a click of a button.
  • Enabling you to access top-quality tutors like never before.
  • Most competitively priced – we are parents too!

Elevating the role of the Tutor to become the…

  • “Knowledge Mentor” intervening when necessary.
  • You are expected to support, guide, and advice.
  • Eliminating the time spent in course preparation, marking, etc.
  • No more overcrowded, uneven knowledge level classes.
  • No more searching for students, traveling, spending time, and incurring costs.
  • Just make yourself available and let MyeTutor do the rest

Why choose us


Our GOAL is to help students learn better, faster, and succeed. How we do that is part of our MISSION to provide adaptive, personalized education, through a cutting edge eLearning platform, to every student at a reasonable cost